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David Chandler Cambodia Collection

Series 15
(Inventory of files)

Please note Series and Box numbers for retrieval.

Box Contents
Box 1

This box contains individual folders of materials which cannot be classed under any of the above categories, which are incomplete (pages missing) or whose author is unknown but which may be still useful to researchers:

Harben, Bill
Cambodia Diary-1973 (pages missing)
Bill Harben is a former US diplomat who served at the US Embassy in Phnom Penh in the years 1972-74.

Ponchaud, Francois
Interview on Cambodia (pages missing)
Father Francois Ponchaud is a Catholic Priest who has worked in Cambodia as a missionary before and after 1975.

Author unknown
Chapter 3: The Insurgency Widens 1971-1972

Author unknown 2
The Kampuchean Revolutionary Movement during the period of French Colonial Rule

Author Unknown 3
Untitled article on Cambodia (in French)

Parliamentary Debate at Cambodian National Assembly
16 March 1970 (pages missing)

Thion, Serge
Untitled article on publication of journal ASEMI (in French)
1984 (some pages missing)

Khmer Republic
Statistics for 1971 (French)

Maps of Cambodia
This folder contains several versions of Cambodia’s map.

Barnett, Anthony
Interview with Lt. Colonel E.D. Murray – 1982
Lt. Col. Murray was the Allied Commander in Cambodia after the
Japanese surrender. (pages missing)

Vickery, Michael
Incomplete manuscript on Cambodia of the 1950’s

Interview of Chhit Do
Former Combatant in the FUNC Army 1970-75
(some pages missing)
No date given. No name of interviewer.

Interview with Chhang Song
Former Information Minister of the Khmer Republic 1970-75
No date given. No name of interviewer

55 Temoignages sur le Cambodge en Lutte 1970-72
(55 Testimonies of Cambodia at War 1970-72)
Chronology and Documents (in French)
Several authors (mostly French)

The Impact of Diem’s overthrow on Cambodia
No date give. Unknown author.

Texts in Vietnamese language
No date given, Unknown author.

Le Fonctionnement du Systeme Democratique d’Inspiration Occidentale.
No date given. Unknown author.

Interview of Sem Pal
Phanat Nikom Refugee Camp (Thailand) 1986.

The Historical Bases of the Kampuchea-Vietnam Conflict
By Stephen Heder, Cornell University 1978 (pages missing)

Box 2

Miscellaneous (Audio-visual materials)
This box contains a set of microfilms, a cassette and a disc of materials on Cambodia used by Dr. Chandler during his research for his books on that country. Alternatives Watch – 20xii09.

Box 3

Principles for the creation of new words in the Khmer language
Faculty of Letters and Humanities
Royal University of Phnom Penh
1964   (Khmer)

Cambodian Folk Tales
Publisher unknown

Materials about the Royal Family of Cambodia
(French and English)

Interview on Cambodia with Bui Tin, former Editor of “Nhan Dan”
Official North Vietnamese newspaper

1972: Three months of the struggles of the Youth and Students of Phnom Penh and the provisionally occupied zones (of Cambodia).
Undated. (French)

Comparison of Provincial Voting Figures in Cambodian Elections
Author unknown. Undated

Newsletter of the “Contre-Gouvernement du Sangkum Reastr Niyum”
20 August 1968. (French)

Documents from the Paris International Conferences on Cambodia
July-August 1989
October 1991

Ok Nall
Poemes Politiques Tome 1
Phnom Penh November 1971. (French)

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