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David Chandler Cambodia Collection

Series 3
Unpublished Reports and Documents
(Inventory of files)

Please note Series and Box numbers for retrieval.

Box Contents
Box 1

Anonymous Pamphlets on King Sihanouk:
 -Dossier Sihanouk (The Sihanouk File)
-Sihanouk et les Communistes (Sihanouk and the Communists)
(In French) 1970

A Khmer Issarak Leader’s Story – 1974
Chandara Mohaphtey as translated into English by Timothy Carney- 1976

A propos du referendum sur N. Sihanouk et S.N.T [Son Ngoc Thanh] en 1959

The abridged Cambodian chronicle  
Milton Osborne and David Wyatt 1968

Activities against Angkar, (Khmer)

Answers of Suk Phim in relation to Keo Meas in Vietnam, no date, (Khmer)

Anti-Pol Pot text in Khmer. 1983.

Agence Khmere de Presse – assorted press releases, 1968

Akashi, Yasushi.
UNTAC in Cambodia: lessons for UN peace-keeping.
[Transcript of lecture] 1993

Appeal to the Khmer people – Khmer Serei documents in Khmer language, 1963

Appel 1974 (Appeal to all Cambodians to defend the country)

Appendix: Vocabulary to be investigated in the project.

Archives & Bibliotheque Nationales du Cambodge – Liste des Periodiques. 1960

Becker, Elizabeth.
Interview of Ieng Sary 22 July 1981

Bibliography on land, peasants and politics for Viet-nam, Laos and Cambodia  
James Scott and Howard Leicter. 1972

Biographical Data on Cambodian Political Personages – 1951
US Embassy Phnom Penh, 19 September 1951

Booklet on Neo-Khmerisme written by Lon Nol. Excerpt from local Press 1972.
State Department material Sep 72. Reverse chronology of events in Cambodia 1970-1974. [collected together in a folder]

Biography of H.E. Mr Son Sann. Cambodian Information Office, Canberra.

Bound copies of US government documents

Buddhism and aggression: explaining the Khmer Rouge.

Buddhist struggle technique.

Box 2

Burma lecture.

Cambodge 1988: les nouvelles donnes: colloque international. 1988

“Cambodgiens rieurs” aux “Khmer Rouges”: naissance d’une revolution paysanne au Cambodge. 1970 [anonymous source Serge Thion collection]

Cambodia census data
Cambodia constitution – materials

Cambodia: current whereabouts of HRH Prince Sihanouk’s family.
By Ambassador Julio A. Jeldres, Chief of the Secretariat of HRH Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Peking, February1988.

Cambodian folk tales – five booklets of handwritten translations

Cambodia of Sihanouk and Khmer Serei (Khmer)

Cambodia. Phnom Penh announces results of Cambodian Assembly elections. 1976.

Box 3

Cambodia: the question of border violations. [telegrams] 1964-1968

Cambodian helplessness [press report transcript] 30 Dec 1990

Cambodian insurgence: from shadow to substance / CIA Directorate of Intelligence. 12 February 1973

Carney, Timothy.
Heng Samrin’s armed forces and a military balance in Cambodia. 1983 (conference paper)

David Chandler 1984 interviews, Khao-I-Dang final report

Chandler, David.
History Department Seminar 18.8.89. In search of Saloth Sar (Pol Pot 1928-) : Sources for a political biography.

Chhoeur, Chhut.
The 1970 coup d’etat in Cambodia and its consequences.

Chomsky, Noam.
On the aggression of South Vietnamese peasants against the United States.

Closing statement issued at the Paris Conference on Cambodia on August  30, 1989.

Colm, Sara.
The Khmer Rouge and the tribal minorities in North Eastern Cambodia. 1996.

Communication habits of Cambodian teachers and their interest in aspects of life in foreign countries. 1961.

Communism and Cambodia.
US government ? 1971?

Condense de l’expose fait par Samdech Sahachivin. 1967. (in French)

Box 4

Corfield, Justin.
Genealogy of some influential Cambodian Families. 1989

Declaration de M. Son Ngoc Thanh au sujet d’un nouveau referendum le mettant en competition politique avec S.A.R. le Prince Norodom Sihanouk.

Democratic Kampuchea 1977-1979

Documents et ecrits se rapportant au “Khmer-Serei” addresses a Monsieur Jay Scarborough, etudiant a Cornell University. 1966. (in French)

Documents sur l’agression Vietcong et Nord-Vietnamienne contre le Cambodge
(Documents on the Vietcong and North Vietnamese aggression against Cambodia)
Ministry of Information, Phnom Penh 1970. (in French)

Ebihara, May.
Memories of the Pol Pot era in a Cambodian village.
Educational background of candidates for DES 30/8/1948

Edwards, Penny.
Colonialism, culture and the rise of the modern intellectual in Cambodia. 1997.

Eisenbruch, Maurice.
The kruu as harbingers of Cambodian culture. 1996.

Enemy activities (Khmer)

English Translation from Revolutionary Flag
Revolutionary Flag, Special Number, October-November 1977

Expose relatif a la situation et la mission de la revolution Khmere (1er Congres des Cadres du Cambodge).  1950 (French)

Former soldiers (Khmer)

Frieson, Kate.
Kampuchea 1975 to 1979: a political analysis of the Communist Party of Kampuchea’s radical theory and practice. 1984.

Goldblum, Charles
Les Relations Inter-Ethniques au Cambodge a travers leur traitement dans la Presse Phnompenhoise de langue Francaise. 1963-1970 (in French)

Grunewald, François.
3 papers on Khmer agriculture. 1983. (French)

Guide pour soldats et cadres de l’Armee (F.A.N.K.) (in French and Khmer)

Guthrie, Elizabeth.
Witnessing to the Buddha: memories of Lon Nol and the myth of nan Kanhin. 1997.

Heder, Stephen.
Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot: Moloch’s poodle.

Heder, Stephen.
Thailand’s relations with Kampuchea: negotiation and confrontation along the Prachinburi-Battambang border. 1977.

Box 5

Hickey, Gerald.
The war in Cambodia: focus on some of the internal forces involved. Rand. 1970

Hinton, Alexander.
Power displays and scared hearts: obedience in the Cambodian genocide. 1996.

Historique du movement revolutionaire Khmer Serei. (in French)

The Hu Nim and Tiv Ol files: copies taken from documents at Tuol Sleng, Phnom Penh during February 1980 by Anthony Barnett.

Huy Kanthoul
Memoirs (Memoirs of former Cambodian Prime Minister Huy Kanthoul)

In Tam. 1972

Indochinese Refugees in France: solidarity and its limits. 1987 [conference paper]

Interrogation book, Trambak Disctrict (Khmer)

Intervention de camarade Vandy Kaon. (French)

Interview with General Chana Samudavanija by Ben Kiernan Bangkok, 1981.

Interview with Senior Captain Phan Van Xuong, North Vietnamese Army. 1968.

Jackson, Tony.
Just waiting to die: Cambodian refugees in Thailand. Oxfam, 1987.

Jacques, Claude.
L’empire Angokien : mythe ou realite?(in French)

Jennar, Raoul.
Give peace a chance : proposed improvements to the Cambodian peace plan of the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council. 1991

Kahin, George.
Cambodia : the administration’s version and the historical record.

Kampuchea : a demographic catastrophe. 1980.

Kampuchea Democratique Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres - note
Kampuchea’s side of the conflict with Vietnam : statement issued by the Government of Democratic Kampuchea for the attention of all friends, near or far, in the five continents, and of world opinion.

Kheng, Khemarak
Between Hammer & Sickle: A Life Story. 1989

Khmer communist strategies of control and local response: 1970-1975

Khmer newspaper extract

Khmer Republic (material in Khmer)

Khmer Republic – various laws]

Khmer Rouge abuses along the Thai-Cambodian border
An Asia Watch Report 1989

Box 6

Kuong, Lumphon
Report on the Communist Party of Cambodia
8 May 1973

Khatarya Um
Negotiating borders: Cambodian Americans in national and transnational contexts.

Khmer-Thai glossary

Lamant, Pierre
Pour une nouvelle problematique du regne de Jayavarman VII
1984. (French)

Lamant Pierre
Rencontres du passé et du present ou considerations sur l’histoire ancienne et recente de l’Indochine orientale. 1981. (French)

Lane, C. Dennison.
Dealing with change and Khmer Rouge numbers (Draft)

Ledgerwood, Judy.
Application for Grant – “Khmer Conceptions of Gender”. 1986.

Ledgerwood, Judy.
Myth, history and the study of Angkor Borei.

Lettre de l’Association des Etudiants Khmers en France a Sa Majeste Norodom Sihanouk roi du Cambodge. Paris, 1952 (French)
List of Khmer Krom people at Kus commune 1977
List of traitors

Liste definitive des candidates aux elections legislatives de la premiere assemblee nationale de la Republique Khmere du 3 Septembre 1972. (French)

Liste des prevenus politiques Cambodgiens liberes (French)

Lon Nol (religious conflict) 1970

Mao, Kusumo
Cambodge: Cahiers Intimes Tome 2
1973 (in French)

Marschall Walter Baron von
The war in Cambodia: its causes and military development and the political history of the Khmer Republic, 1970-1975.
Royal College of Defence Studies 1975 Course

Marston, John
Em Sokha and Cambodia satirical cartoons

Marston, John
Cambodians in Cambodia and Cambodians overseas.
[Draft paper] 1990

Marston, John
Language use and language policy in Democratic Kampuchea.

Marston, John
Public and private and markers of orality in contemporary print journalism 1996

Meeting with Mr Mey Mann

Messages de felicitations des parties communistes freres et des organisations communistes et Marxistes-Leninistes soeurs au camarade Secretaire Pol Pot. 1977.

Minutes: clarification of certain principled views to act as the basis of our views and stance. 6 February 1992.

Mise au point (Clarification)

Mystical conception of Lon Nol

New people ready to escape to Thailand (Khmer)

Nguyen Chanh Thi
Life in exile.
[Nou Neau.] 1972.

Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia
 Letter to the Editor of Indochina Report 1987

Box 7

Organisation et development des infrastructures communistes locales.
25 May 1972
Khmer Republic government document- in French

Ouk Ly – report Angkar, 1977

Pech Lim Kuon – transcript of interview 1976

People’s war against Vietnam
(Communist Party of Kampuchea document in Khmer, 29 July 1979)

Phuong and formation of military unit against Angkar (Khmer)

Picq, Laurence.
Life in Cambodia, 1975-79
(Manuscript in French)

Phnom Penh Province

Pok Bunly (Khmer)

Pol Pot plans the future
Chandler, Kiernan and Bou
(Khmer language texts used for the book)

Pol presents the Kampuchean Party’s experiences to Khamtan
(Draft excerpts)

Box 8

Pratt, Colin.
No. 5 Cambodia – turning point 1986

Pratt, Colin.
Notes 1986

President Lon Nol addresses Khmer nation 21 March 1972.

Press Communique of the Council of Ministers of the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea. 1986.

Proclamation Royale
13 April 1946. (French)

Race, Jeffrey.
Reports from Thailand 1974

Racy, Douc
La Crise de Conscience Khmere et l’Equisse d’une Nouvelle Societe

Ralliement de M & Mme. Pung Peng Cheng au FUNK. (French)

Religious conflicts: history of Red China] 1970 (Khmer)

Report on Aid to Cambodia by the Comptroller General of the USA 1955-57

Residence superieure au Cambodge etat de classement au 25 janvier 1993

Resultats Provisoires. 10 June 1972. (French)

Reynell, Josephine.
Socio-economic evaluation of the Khmer camps on the Thai/Kampuchean border August-September 1986.

Rowley, Kelvin.
Autocracy and regime breakdown in Cambodia.

Samdech Norodom Sihanouk receives credentials from Ambassadors of Senegal, DPR of Korea, Bangladesh and Mauritania 1985

Schoenhals, Michael.
The political history of shishi qiushi. [paper] 1991.

Sem Pal [record of interview] 1986

Sihanouk rejects false peace, compromise [excerpts from speech, 12 April 1974]

Smyser, W.R.
The independent Vietnamese : Vietnamese communism between Russia and China, 1956-1969. Ohio University Center for International Studies, 1980.

Son Ngoc Thanh Papers 1942-1944
(Photocopied set. Originals are kept in Rare Books Collection)
[Son Ngoc Thanh – notes]
[Son Ngoc Thanh on Khmer Serei] (in Khmer language)

Statement by Samdech Norodom Sihanouk on the “situation in Kampuchea” at the 40th session of the United Nations General Assembly, 4 November 1985

Statement of the Government of Democratic Cambodia to Democratic Cambodia’s friends, near an far, on the five continents and to world public opinion on the aggression launched by the Socialist Democratic Republic of Vietnam armed forces against Democratic Cambodia.

Stubbings, Demelza.
Report: the Thai-Cambodian border. Site 2 and site 8 September 1990
St John’s College Oxford

Box 9

Tan Kimhuon.
The Indochinese Communist Party. 1972 [translation of paper]

Tan Kimhuon.
Le Parti Communiste Indochinois. 1972 [paper] (French)

Thel Thong.
Language planning and language policy in Cambodia.

Thion Serge.
Cambodia 1987: time for talk. 1987.

Thion Serge.
An anthropological approach to power in Cambodia. 1996.

Thompson, Ashley.
The myth of the savior or the future of Cambodia’s past.

Thoughts on the Central Committee of the Khmer Communist Party  August 1974.

Traduction du message de Sa Majeste Norodom Sihanouk Varman, Roi de Cambodge adresse a son people pour announcer son abdication. (in French)

Trimble, William Ambassador
Oral History Interview
John F. Kennedy Library, 12 August 1969

Trois mois de lutte des jeunes et des etudiants de Phnom Penh et des zones
provisoirement occupies. 1972 (in French)

Turley, William S.
Interviews with PAVN and LDP defectors; officers, men and political cadres.
Southern Illinois University, 1974.

Um, Khatharya.
Application for Grant. [includes Research Proposal]

United Kingdom diplomatic messages about Son Ngoc Thanh
1956 (photocopies)

United Nations Border Relief Operation, Thailand, 3 June 1988.
[internal memorandum]

Untitled document about the end of Democratic Kampuchea

USSR (Khmer language) history of Cambodia.

Vickery, Michael.
Amnesty International and the war against Kampuchea. 1987.

Vickery, Michael.
Kremlinology and Cambodia. 1986.

Vickery, Michael.
Some comparisons of revolution and non-revolution in Southeast Asia. Adelaide, 1984

United Nations Border Relief Operation, Thailand, 3 June 1988: attached document: The reign of terror : how UNBRO contributes.

What are the truth and justice about the accusations against Democratic Kampuchea of mass killings from 1975 to 1978 (Published in 1987).

XI.A.1.d. Violations of the Cambodia-RVN Border ; XI.A.2 Cambodia-DRV/NLF Relations ; XI.A.3 Cambodia-Perception of Importance, 1960-63 ; XI.A.4. Cambodia-GVN 1961-63 [bound copies of US government documents]

Yamada, Teri.
Cambodia : power, myth and memory. 1997

Yat, Hwaidi
Norodom Sihanouk and the Khmer Issarak
Translated from Thai by Charnvit Kaset-siri, May 1970

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