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David Chandler Cambodia Collection

Series 6
Photocopies of articles from Books and Magazines
(Inventory of files)

Please note Series and Box numbers for retrieval.

Box Contents
Box 1

A Contribution to the Study of Cambodian Society
Solange Thierry

Communism in Cambodia
Norodom Sihanouk
France-Asie (undated)

Democratic Kampuchea: A Radical Revolution
Francois Ponchaud
Mondes Asiatique August 1976 No. 37

Ending the Cambodian Stalemate
John McAuliff & Mary Byrne McDonnell

Enseignements et Conseils aux Unites qui Debarquent en Indochine
(in French, undated)

El le Cambodge bacula dans la guerre
Soth Polin Jullet-Aout 1980
(in French)

June Newsletter from Jim Gerrand in Cambodia. (no year)

Khmer Chronicle Review
David Chandler
Journal of the Siam Society, July 1975, Vol 63, Part 2

Language and Identity in the Education of Boston area Khmers
Nacy Smith-Hefner
September 1990

Le Kampuchea
Catherine Quiminal 1982
(in French)

Mise au Point
Norodom Sihanouk 1986
(in French)

Vietnam and the Sino-Soviet Conflict 1965-1976
Victor C. Funnell

The Abridged Cambodian Chronicle
M. Osborne/David Wyatt
France-Asie/Asia 193 Vol II, 1968

The Cambodian Liberation Forces
Laura Summers (undated)

The Cambodian Minority of Cochinchina
Louis Malleret
1945 (French)

The Crimes of the Pol Pot Regime
Dmitry Mosyakov
Novosty Press Agency. 1984

The Court Ballet: Cambodia’s Loveliest Jewel
Eileen Blumenthal
CS Quarterly 14/3 (no year indicated)

The Mekong Project
William A Hanna
September 1968

The Political Nature of Democratic Kampuchea
Kate Frieson
Pacific Affairs Vol 61 No. 3 Fall 1988

The Situation in Kampuchea
Paul Isoart
Revue Generale de Droit International Public
Jan-March 1983 No. 1

The Khmer Krahom Revolution in Southern Cambodia
Kenneth Quinn
Naval College Review
Spring 1976 Vol XXVIII No. 41

The Struggle of the Kampuchean People for National Survival
Thiounn Mumm (undated)

The War in Cambodia 1970-75
Kenneth Conboy
Kenneth Bowra

Three articles on Cambodia by Marie A. Martin 1981-1985
(in French)

Three articles by Pierre L. Lamant
1984-87 (French)

Regards Nouveaux sur les origins du conflit Cambodge-Vietnam
Bui Xuan Quang
(Undated and in French)

Research on the Cambodian Vocabulary
Saveros Pou
1976 (in French)

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