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David Chandler Cambodia Collection

Series 7
(General description of contents)

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Box Contents
Box 1

Boucher, Jean-Marie.
The relationship between Cambodia and China 1954-1970: a study of the changing bases of political accommodation.
University of London, 1978

Corfield, Justin James.
The political machinations of the Khmer Republic 12th-18th April 1975.
University of Hull, 1988.

Caraway, Teri L.
The United Front Strategies of the Khmer Rouge
Pomona College, December 1989

Denes, Alexandra
Recovering Khmer Ethnic Identity from the Thai national Past: An Ethnography
 of the Localism movement in Surin Province
Cornell University, May 2006

Box 2

Hodges, Ian
The Testimonies of Vietnamese Prisoners in the Third Reign: An Essay
In Thai Historiography

Lamant, Pierre L.
L’affaire Yukanthor (Juillet-Decembre 1900)

Lustig, Eileen
Power and Pragmatism in the Political Economy of Angkor
University of Sydney, 2009

Mathieu, Ariane
Images, Representations, Histoire: La Tragedie Cambodgienne des
Annees Soixante-dix.
Universite de Paris X-Nanterre, 2005 (French)

Box 3

Rundle, Steven.
The Vietnamese army in Cambodia, 1978-1990
Cornell University 1992

Path Kosal
Sino-Vietnamese Relations, 1950-1978: From Cooperation to Conflict
University of Southern California, December 2008

Pramono, Siswo
The International Politics of Genocide
Australian National University, Canberra 2003

Sher, Sacha.
Le parcours politique des Khmer Rouges de Paris a Phnom Penh, 1945-1979.
Universite Paris X – Nanterre, 2001.  (French)

Box 4

Sithan, Hin Ms.
Who murdered the Khmer People” 250 pp, 1988

Sim Kim Ms.
Draft History of Cambodia (1950)  

Try, Sengly.
Le bouddhisme dans la societe Khmere contemporaine.
Ecole d’Anthropologie, 1986.  (French)

Box 5

Ong Thong Hoeung
Illusions Perdus
1989 (French)

Phouk Chhay
Le Pouvoir Politique au Cambodge
Essai d’Analyse Sociologique 1945-1965
Universite Royale, Phnom Penh 1966

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