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David Chandler Cambodia Collection

Series 9
Published Monographs
(Inventory of file)

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Box Contents
Box 1

Alexiev, Alexander.
Marxism and resistance in the third world.
Santa Monica : Rand Corporation, 1989.

Amnesty International – Report on Cambodia
London, April 1991.

Avimor, Shimon.
Israel’s technical assistance to Cambodia, 1965-1975.
German Association for Asian Studies, 1987. (contents in French)

Attaques terroristes des communistes Vietnamens dans la region = VC/NVA terrorist attacks on Phnom Penh.
Phnom Penh : Ministere de l’Information. (French)

Basic Data on the Economy of Cambodia – 1965
US Department of Commerce, Washington DC

Boudarel, Georges.
Influences and idiosyncracies in the line and practice of the Vietnam Communist Party. Westview, n.d.

Cambodge. n.d. [French]

Chandler, David P.
Brother number one: a political biography of Pot Pot.
Boulder: Westview Press, 1992.
[copy signed by author]

China in Cambodia
Unknown author or publisher (copy from the Vietnam Archive at Texas University)

Declaration du Gouvernment du Kampuchea Democratique.
Phnom Penh : 2 Janvier 1979. (French)

Destruction of Islam in former Democratic Kampuchea.
Phnom Penh : United Front for the Construction and Defence of the Fatherland of Kampuchea, 1983.

L’Evidence des atrocities commises par les forces d’occupation de la Republique Socialiste du Vietnam contre la population civile du camp de Dangrek a l’ouest du Cambodge le 24 Janvier 1985. Cabinet du Premier Ministre, 1985 (French)

Hawk, David.
Human rights aspects of a comprehensive solution to the conflict in Cambodia. New York : Cambodia Documentation Commission, n.d.

[Hem Chhieu biography] (Khmer)

Box 2

July 26, 1998 Cambodian National Assembly Elections. Washington : National Democratic Institute, n.d.

[Keng Vannsak] (poetry in Khmer)

Khmer Education Development Centre [Khmer]

Kiernan, Ben.
The Samlaut rebellion and its aftermath, 1967-70 : the origins of  Cambodia’s liberation movement. Monash University, 1975. 2 volumes.

[Kra Isthmus] (Thai)

Livre Blanc sur l’aggression Vietcong et Nord-Vietnamienne contre la Republique Khmere (1970-71). Phnom Penh : Le Ministere de l’Information, 1971. (in French)

[Lon Nol]  (Khmer)

Malraux Andre: Meeting with President Mao Zedong – 3 August 1965
Mondes Asiatiques Vol I, No. 1 – 1975 (in French)

Mayaguez Incident The
Report by the History Branch of the US Navy Commander in Chief for the Pacific
(CINPAC) 1976

Mul Charit Bunchuan
Khmer Mores [Khmer]

Norodom Sihanouk.
Le ciel fasse q’un jour l’histoire consente a me rehabiliter.
1983. (French)

Norodom Sihanouk.
Photos-souvenirs de Mon Cambodge (Souvenir pictures from My Cambodia)

Open Letter from the Committee of patriots from Democratic Kampuchea
 in France, 1978 (French)

Osborne, Milton.
Fear and fascination in the tropics ; a reader’s guide to French fiction on Indochina. Madison : University of Wisconsin, 1986.

Phan Chu Trinh.
A complete account of the peasants’ uprising in the central region.
University of Wisconsin, 1983.

Principles and programmes of the Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party.
The Khmer People’s National Liberation Front, 1992.

Principal Events of the American interference in Cambodia from 1945 to 1970
Mission du Front Uni national du Kampuchea (FUNK), Paris, 1970
(French language)

Post Surrender Tasks – Section E of the Report to the Combined Chief of Staff,
South East Asia 1943-45
Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, London 1969

Quand Sihanouk denonçait le communisme Asiatique (1966-1969)
Phnom Penh: Le Ministere de L’Information, 1972. (French)

Recommendations for United States policy toward Cambodia. Washington : Indochina Policy Forum, 1989.

Safeguarding Peace: Cambodia’s Constitutional Challenge
Accord – An International Review of Peace Initiatives
Issue 5/ November 1998

Sary, Ieng.
Cambodge 1972. Gouvernement Royal d’Union Nationale du Cambodge, n.d.

Seksa Khmer No. 7 1984 (in French)

Truong Buu Lam.
New lamps for old. Singapore : Maruzen Asia, 1982.

Box 3

This box contains Abstracts and Papers from Workshops, Seminars and Conferences as follows:

  • Meeting of the International Coordinating Committee for the Safeguarding and
    Development of the site of Angkor, 9-10 February 2004
  • Buddhist Institute Colloquium 17 June 2005
  • Cambodia’ Economic Transformation, Workshop, 5-7 January 2009
  • South East Asia during the 18th Century  (in Khmer language)
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