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Content on this page is no longer maintained and will be discontinued in 2020.

This page lists by faculty the student online learning materials created by learning skills advisers and contact librarians.

To use the learning objects, simply locate the resource you need and copy and paste the URL to where you need it. For example, if you need to place a Captivate clip on the Halsbury's Laws of Australia - Legal Encyclopaedia:

  1. Look down the lists on this page
  2. Locate the appropriate resource
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Paste the URL where you need it (eg MUSO, LibGuides, even a Powerpoint presentation).
  5. Always present interactive files with an equivalent alternative format document, such as a Word document if a user cannot access or use the associated multimedia format. (Link to an alternative Word version of the multimedia activity can usually be found on the same page as the learning object itself.)
  6. Inform users of any special plugins required to view the learning object, such as the Adobe Flash Player.

Please note:



Emodule - How to place a hold request -(URL:

Emodule - Academic integrity - (URL:

Emodule - Developing a search strategy - (URL:

Emodule - Academic research on the internet - (URL:

Library Search

Show Me - Search for past exams - (URL:

Update Show Me - Looking for something specific in Search - (URL:

Guide Me - Finding a journal in Search - (URL:

Update Show Me - Finding journal articles using Search - (URL:

Update Show Me - Research a topic with Search - (URL:

Activity - Shelf order - (URL:

Emodule - Finding non-English resources using Library Search - (URL:

Citing and referencing

Emodule - Citing and referencing - (URL:

Articulate HTML5 Guide Me - APA quick guide - (URL:

New Guide Me - Vancouver referencing - (URL:

Study skills

Update Emodule - Note taking and summary techniques - (URL:

New Articulate HTML5 Emodule - How to engage in discussion boards - (URL:

New HTML5 Guide Me - Quick guide to peer review - (URL:

New Articulate HTML5 Guide Me - How to engage in discussion boards - (URL:

New Captivate HTML5 Activity - Research Skills Development (RSD) activity - (URL:

Activity - RSD online card activity - (URL:

Mind Maps

Mind Map - Preparing for Honours - (URL:

Mind Map - What affects exam success? - (URL:

Mind Map - Writing an essay - (URL:


Emodule - Copyright in learning and teaching - (URL:

Software use

New HTML5 Guide Me - How to quickly insert reading lists in Moodle - (URL:

Show Me - Sign in to Aspire - (URL:

Art, Design and ArchitectureArt, Design and Architecture


Show Me - How to find architecture information - (URL:



New Captivate HTML5 Guide Me - Search the Factiva News Database for Arts - (URL:

Asian studies





Guide Me - Finding scholarlhy information - (URL:


Update Guide Me - ProQuest Criminal Justice Database - (URL:

Film and screen studies

New Articulate HTML5 EModule - Finding information for Film and screen studies - (URL:

International studies

Guide Me - Using the Archives Direct database - (URL:


Update HTML5 Guide Me - How to Search Cambridge Companions Online - (URL:

Politics and International Relations

Mind Map - Writing a Politics essay - (URL:


Articulate HTML5 EModule - ATS1365 Library tutorial - (URL:

Mind Map - Writing a Sociology essay - (URL:


Guide Me - How to use Tourism Australia - (URL:

Business and EconomicsBusiness and Economics

New Articulate HTML5 EModule - Report writing in Business and Economics - (URL:

New Articulate HTML5 EModule - Academic writing style - (URL:

New Articulate HTML5 Guide Me - Using Casebase - (URL:

Update HTML5 Guide Me - Searching for Journal Articles in Business Source Complete - (URL:

Update Captivate HTML5 Guide Me - Search the Factiva News Database - (URL:


New Articulate EModule - MGF1010 writing an academic essay - (URL:




New Articulate HTML5 EModule - How to engage in discussion boards - (URL:


New HTML5 Guide Me - Searching for journal articles in ERIC (Part 1) - (URL:

New HTML5 Guide Me - Searching for journal articles in ERIC (Part 2) - (URL:

Update HTML5 Guide Me - Search A+ Education via Informit - (URL:


Library orientation



Guide Me - Australian Transport Index for CIV2282- (URL:

Guide Me - Using Knovel - (URL:

Guide Me - Using AIP Inline Search - (URL:

Information TechnologyInformation Technology



Skills and databases

New HTML5 Activity - Improving a poor essay - (URL:

Update HTML5 Guide Me - Elements of a Case - (URL:

Update HTML5 Guide Me - Elements of an Act - (URL:

New HTML5 Guide Me - Lawlex: Commencement of legislative amendments - (URL:

New HTML5 Guide Me - TimeBase Corporations database - (URL:

Guide Me - Halsbury's Law of Australia - A Legal Encyclopaedia - (URL:

Guide Me - Law Handbook - (URL:

Guide Me - The Laws of Australia - (URL:

Update HTML5 Guide Me - Find Journal Articles in Casebase - (URL:

Guide Me - Critical thinking for better legal writing - (URL:

Guide Me - The Encyclopaedia Australian Legal Dictionary - (URL:

Update HTML5 Guide Me - Find cases by topic using FirstPoint - (URL:

Guide Me - CCH IntelliConnect - Find Cases - (URL:

Guide Me - LegalTrac Journal Article - (URL:

Click and reveal - Citation Comparison - (URL:

Guide Me - Using Lawlex - (URL:

Guide Me - Legal Research Using Austlii Lawlex - (URL:

Guide Me - Bill Tracking with Lawlex - (URL:

Quiz - Legislation matching activity - (URL:

Emodule - Encyclopaedia Module - (URL:

Update HTML5 Activity - To cite or not to cite - (URL:

Quiz - Thesis Statement Exercise - (URL:

Guide Me - Using legal commentaries in Westlaw - (URL:

Mind Map - Writing a Law Essay - (URL:

Medicine, Nursing and Health SciencesMedicine, Nursing and Health Sciences



MMR5002 - Developing critical appraisal skills - (URL:


Guide Me/ Quiz - How to Search CINAHL - (URL:


Guide Me - Finding information: Using the library as an off-campus student (Master of Mental Health Science) - (URL:

Guide Me - Developing a Search on PsychINFO - (URL:

Update HTML5 Guide Me - Searching for journal articles in Informit Online - (URL:



Guide Me - RAD1061 Library skills hurdle assignment - (URL:

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Quiz - Plagiarism Quiz - (URL:

New Captivate HTML5 Guide Me - How to find and use Ovid MEDLINE - (URL:

New Captivate HTML5 Guide Me - How to find and use National Medicines database - (URL: )

New Captivate HTML5 Guide Me - EMBASE - (URL:

e-Discovery tutorial series



New Presenter Scientific discoveries reported in the media: How to find the primary journal article - (URL:

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